A while ago I detailed what was new with the upcoming major release of Indium. The wait is now over, Indium 2.0.0 is finally out, and you can install it from MELPA.

Indium is a JavaScript development environment for Emacs. It connects to a runtime (Browser or Node), and provides a REPL, inspector, live evaluation, and of course a stepping source debugger.

Indium now features much better project configuration with sourcemap support for most, if not all JavaScript projects, including React, VueJS, Meteor, Angular, and basically any project that uses Webpack or other bundlers that produce sourcemaps.

The new Indium is based on a client/server architecture, and requires the installation of the indium server like the following:

npm install -g indium

Indium debugger in action

As always, if you encounter issues, please report bug reports here.